Sunday, 24 August 2008


What a result! Anyway Weymouth is now an Olympic town, and we did our best to
have a drink or two to celebrate that.

The blog is nearly finished, What I would like to ask, is that this blog is
FOR CHARITY, and I have loved writing this, it's been fantastic. What I would
ask is that any BRITISH COMPETITOR that comes across this blog (and I think a lot will) is that you PLEASE (pretty please) give a comment. This blog is THE ONLY ONE that is going to have EVERY SINGLE BRITISH COMPETITOR on it. So hopefully something everyone can look back upon with good memories. But with a few "E signatures" then it would far better.

Finally, THANKS TO ALL YOU 312 GUYS/GIRLS I have said brilliant fantastic, and such like so many times over the last two weeks, its hard to say, how good you ALL were.
The whole of the country has watched you, and you have been OUT OF THIS WORLD, and to get to 4th place, in the medal table, is still for me, hard to believe. It is FAR FAR more than I expected, and probably more than most expected. WELL DONE! TEAM GB, YOU DID DO US PROUD, THANKS!!!!! A Big thanks, (now sign the book cheers x)

Chris Hoy takes the flag

Chris Hoy won the massive honor of carrying the British Flag at today's closing ceremony. He will also take part in the British section of the closing ceremony, which has been kept carefully under wraps. More information about what is happening during the closing ceremony here in Weymouth is on my Weymouth 2012 blog, the link is on the left hand side.

Dan Robinson 24th in the Marathon

The Beijing Olympic Marathon began at a very past pace, and at a STARTING temperature of 21 degrees (London Marathon usually ran in about 6-10 degrees)
Dan Robinson therefore had his work cut out. Chris running hundreds of miles per week to train for this, ran well, it was a very creditable 24th place in a FAST time of 2 hours 16. Really well run Dan. And that is our last competitor in Beijing finished.

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Cuban Matos Kicks the Referee in the face Video

Cuban taekwondo Angel Valodia Matos has attacked a referee in a dramatic final session of competition at the Beijing Olympics and was instantly given a lifetime ban from international competition.

The 31-year-old Cuban erupted when he was sent off for taking too much injury time in the middle of the second round of his +80 kilogram bout against world silver medallist Arman Chilmanov of Kazakhstan.

The World Taekwondo Federation immediately said Matos and his coach would be permanently barred from all championships it promotes.

"This is a strong violation of the spirit of taekwondo and the Olympic Games," the announcer said in the stadium reading from a World Taekwondo Federation statement.

7th For Young Tom Daley in the 10M board final

a good solid performance by Tom Daley. Its easy to forget he is only 14, he speaks so well in his TV interviews. This is all experience for him, and how good is he going to be for London 2012. A brilliant 7th place for Tom


After all the controversy of the match against the chinese girl, and then the defeat in the semi final, it was important for Sarah to re-focus and really concentrate on this BRONZE medal match. And focus she did, because she commanded the match is now the proud owner of a Bronze Olympic Medal.
(More information about Chinese match is below)

4 x 400 Men & Women's relay

A very disapointing run by the women they could only manage 4th place, and they put the Olympic champion on the 1st leg but she did'nt come home in the lead, so what chance did the others have. The men ran well but were also beaten into 4th place.

GOLD for James Degale Middleweight Boxing

What a scrap this turned out to be, with the Cuban Emilo Bayeaux even got deducted two points for BITING the British Boxer. Indeed the Brit also got 2 points deducted in the following round but it was not clear why. The boxers were BOTH on the floor
2 or 3 times as they held each other anc crashed to the deck. The Referee didn't seem to want to part them! But WHEN they boxed, James Degale was better, and his class showed I say WHEN they boxed, because that did't happen for much of the fight.
But that was down to the poor refeering more than anything else.
De-gale won 16-14 a GOLD IN BOXING a fantastic achievement Well Done James D.

4th for Lisa Dobrisky in the 1500m Final

A brave run and a cracking finish, but she just found it JUST too much and finished
in a heartbreaking 4th place. Picture of Lisa is before the race, she was gutted after it, and it was soooo close. Well summed up by Dame Kelly Holmes afterwards.

Pete Waterfield & Tom Daley Semi Final 10M Diving

Pete dived pretty well, but he did have one dive that was clearly a bit out, and indeed scores of 4.0 was the difference between qualifing for the final and not qualifing. The reason being Pete finished in 13th place, top 12 go through.
Tom did better and without a major error finished in 7th, his final is later today.

Liam Killeen Mountain Biking

An amazing 7th place was achieved by Liam. He had a pretty nasty fall during the race, and was clearly hurt, so getting up to finish was an acheivement, but 7th!
Unlucky Liam but very brave effort.

Lucy Wainwright 500m final of the K1

Lucy has done well to get to this final, but it does prove to be difficult and right from the start she is behind, Lucy does battle on, but it is in vain, and she finally comes in 7th. Well done Lucy.

Come on Sarah Stevenson! Taekwondo

Oh what a difficult match up against a CHINESE fighter. I don't think its going to be possible. The reporter says there is a massive party in Sarah's house, I have my fingers crossed everyone! Its half way through ROUND TWO and its 0-0!
Oh here we go, Sarah goes 1-0 down, and then Sarah hits back and is so frustrated
as its not given. That was at the end of Round two, THEN! A CLEAR KICK in the head with seconds to go in round three is NOT GIVEN!!!

Why Why Why was this CLEAR kick missed?

Well a protest by the British team was put before the Taekwondo officials, and AMAZING SCENES IN BEIJING AND THEY HAVE REVERSED THE DECISION!!!!!!!!!

In the semi-final Sarah lost to a girl from Mexico, but afterwards stressed that she did not have time to prepare for this fight, she has BEATEN her twice before.
So although pleased to have been given the chance, she was clearly still upset that the judges did not get it right in the first place.

Super Bronze for Tim Brabants in the 500k

So close but even Tim knew that this was his 2nd event, and that must have hurt after winning the 1000m. So I think all in all Tim will be pretty pleased with a 3rd
place (it looked like 2nd!!) Hey GOLD & BRONZE ! Not many people come away from
the Olympic games with anything anywhere near that! Nice one Tim.

Friday, 22 August 2008

What to look out for on Saturday, the final full day!

0200 Sarah Stevenson Taekwondo
0250 Pete Waterfield Tom Daley 10m Diving Semi Final
0830 Tim Brabants K1 500M
0920 Lucy Wainwright K1 500M
1250 Lisa Dobriskey 1500m Final
1340 Womans 4 x 400m Final
1346 James Degale Boxing Final

So some medals to be had............